Is This My Writing Voice?

*clears throat*

Okay, so. You know when you read something you wrote and it feels like someone else wrote it? Yep. I get that every time I re-read my blog posts from last year.

I only showed my blog to a handful of friends, yet one of them bravely suggested (I do not take criticism well) that I make it sound more like me.

“Why don’t you write how you talk?” They asked.

“Ummmm. Probably because I talk like a fruit loop?”

I am a confident, witty, sarcastic speaker, which is probably why I haven’t done a lot of public speaking. My colleagues laugh at my colourful language and everywhere I go people seem to start talking like me. It’s fabulous.

But when I thought about writing a blog- a blog I hoped would one day catapult me to J.K. Rowling level of amazing authorness– I figured it had to be perfect. My grammar and information about NZ had to be spot on, otherwise I’d lose readers, right?

Hang on. I started to read other blogs that were clearly successful since they had annoying ads all over the page and were reviewing luxury resorts in luxury locations that they obvs weren’t paying for. And what I noticed, aside from the glam life they were living, was that it certainly wasn’t Pulitzer Prize worthy writing.

How the f%#k do they do it?

I later realised it’s because they have this wonderful, essential tool called a personality. Something I certainly have, yet wasn’t conveying in my stories.

Inhale. So, this is me. Exhale.



You would not believe how much easier it is to write when you’re not pretending to be something else. I remember reading about How To Craft Your Writing Style very early on, but I guess it takes a lot of time and failures to wake up and realise where you’re going wrong. Ain’t learning fun!

So now I have the mammoth task of (one day) editing my old posts to make them sound like the fabulous peasant I am.

I hope you look forward to reading my ramblings in future and if there is anything you want to know about my life in New Zealand, give me a holla! [I live in the most incredible city on earth so I am expecting a lot of questions]

Peace and love. X

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