The Frustration of Blogging And Having A Career

It’s been like, five months since I posted something on here. Is that because I have nothing to say/have done nothing exciting since March? Has winter killed my mood and ability to write?

Nope. I just have a busy life like everyone else.

And to be honest, my life is a constant battle between progressing with my career and exploring the avenue of creative writing.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have a medical science degree and a job in a diagnostic pathology laboratory. I work shift work, overtime, and am always tired. At the start of the year I set myself a goal to cut down on overtime, but inevitably another festival/holiday destination/restaurant I want to go to pops up and I find myself working extra to justify it. After all, I’m twenty-five, living in a different country and wanting to make the most of my time here.

But then there’s writing. Oh, the struggle.

When I moved to New Zealand I was pretty naive. Despite never putting in any effort to practice writing or my photography in Australia, and having no knowledge of marketing, I kind of just imagined that moving to this incredible, picturesque country would turn me into this cool travel blogger and life would be chill.

Lol. Obviously that didn’t happen. BUT, through writing on this blog and personal essays stored in the archives of my Macbook, I realised I have the smallest desire to blog about travelling and all the desire to write fiction.

So when I’m not exploring this country or working, I’ve been writing my novel and dabbling with short stories.

It’s been fun.

Until I remember that once this novel is done I’m not going to have anyone to read it except friends and family. I mean, what publisher is going to take on a book written by some twenty-five year old chick who works with blood all day and has never published an essay in her life?

This is the part when my frustration with blogging sets in.

Podcasts on marketing tell you to “find your audience” and “be the one doing it better than everyone else”. But I cringe every time I post something on Instagram. It just isn’t for me.

I love that with WordPress I don’t feel as cringe-y and can write what I like.

But after my bi-annual life crisis, I feel like I need to have a better think about what I should be putting on here. What benefits my audience but also lets me write what I enjoy?

So I am asking you: what do you want to read?

My life in New Zealand is certainly never dull. I come to work every day with a new story, often leaving my colleagues in stitches. I meet interesting people, I date people I shouldn’t and I have fabulously exciting experiences whether its travelling somewhere new or getting out of my comfort zone in a group activity. I’ve been told more than once my life could have it’s own TV series. Maybe I should work on that.

So do you want to read about destinations to travel to? Or my real life experiences?

For instance, I recently went on a trip to Cape Palliser to see the baby seals and the lighthouse. But on the drive I spent four hours trying to explain to the guy I was with that I didn’t want to date him (my friends found this equally hilarious and saddening).

So please, ease my frustration and comment what would interest you! I would be forever grateful.

P.s here’s a pic of me with the cutest thing ever (definitely not that guy).


P.p.s If you want to follow some of my tame adventures on Instagram, you can find me at cheriyse_chloe aka the most unoriginal instagram name ever.

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