Lessons learnt in my second year living overseas

In two weeks i’ll turn twenty-six; my second birthday celebrated in New Zealand.

When I turned twenty-five I felt more lost than ever. Two weeks before my birthday, on the first day of spring, I visited the botanic gardens to watch the tulips bloom while the core of me wilted. The night before, my winter had come to an icy close: Joel and I had decided to split, again.

It wasn’t working. We were on different paths. But once again I found myself wondering what my purpose was in New Zealand without him, so I visited the tulips.

I found comfort in my friend who was going through a breakup at the same time. But while I could barely remember how to flirt, she was in her element, going on dates and doing all the fabulous things that young, single people do. I wanted to be her.

A couple of weeks ago she came up to me and said: remember where we were last year? Now look at us. She told me she had written a list of her accomplishments since this time last year and told me to do the same. I said I would and didn’t.

But since it’s the last day of winter I feel there’s no better time to reflect.

So here’s a compilation of lessons i’m damn proud to have learnt.

It’s perfectly okay to travel solo on the holiday you booked with your ex.
Honestly this was THE biggest dilemma at the time! To go or not to go?Travelling Hawaii solo turned out to be the best holiday i’ve been on.

You don’t have to be a published author to tell people you write.

It’s okay to stay home. Just because you live overseas doesn’t mean you need to spend all your spare time travelling the country.
Travelling is fucking exhausting.

It IS possible to become friends with your ex.
But only do it if they add value, which mine does.

It’s not you, it’s your manager.
My new manager is amazing.

Social media can be unhealthy as fuck. Be careful.
Instagram Influenza.

It’s perfectly okay to want to be single.
And guys that don’t understand that aren’t cool.

Friends & family are okay with you living overseas. They won’t get offended when you say you prefer New Zealand.
Only a little bit, anyway.

Ageing is fabulous! (but keep wearing sunscreen)
I’m almost twenty-six and my skin is better than ever. Does this mean i’ll look like Jennifer Aniston when i’m fifty?!

You don’t need a boyfriend to validate your existence in another country.
Boyfriends are constraining.

Friendship is most important.
I love my friends & all the fabulous people I am lucky enough to meet.

Pink gin is delicious.
Enough said.

This year i’m starting Spring with daffodils

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