Should I move home?

I’m currently going through a crisis: should I move back to Adelaide in Australia or stay here in New Zealand?

There are literally millions of people who have moved away from their hometown or overseas. In Wellington alone I have a heap of friends who are expats. Most Europeans aim to get residency which requires living here for three years. When I ask what they’ll do once they’re a resident of New Zealand, a common answer is “who knows”.

Whether living overseas or not, most of us are just floating along in life, never knowing where we will end up, just trying to enjoy the ride.

When I search the internet for answers I don’t find much. Essentially that “the grass is greener where you water it” and that as long as you’re happy in yourself, it doesn’t matter where you live.

Truuuueeeeeeeee. But like. What if I move home and realise I simply can’t live without my friends and the kiwi accent and the hills and the glorious pink sunsets over Wellington harbour?

Why move home?

Basically I’m getting older and thinking of my future self. I want to be a writer, a manager, a leader. But not necessarily in my current field. Am I good at pathology? Yes. Am I passionate about it? Sometimes.

Whenever I’m in a crisis like this I think: what do I want to do before I die? And the answer is: write a book, move to London, work in communications.

Moving home has benefits:

  1. It’s very easy. I have a spare room at my Aunty’s, furniture, etc.
  2. I could get a job at my old lab which pays veryyyyyy well as opposed to NZ.
  3. I can whack those uni fees on my student loan–yayyyyyyy (I have to have lived in NZ for 3 years before I’m eligible for a loan here).
  4. My shift work allows me to study.
  5. I can do a one year post grad diploma in communications.
  6. The hospital I would work at is on the same road as the Univerisity I’d attend.
  7. Holy shit the library at the hospital is nice. I’d be happy studying there.
  8. See my friends and fam again!! And my dog!
  9. Music festivals are way better in Aus.
  10. Explore more of my home country since I’ve seen pretty much all of New Zealand now.
  11. Five weeks annual leave at my old job yassssss.


  1. I would miss Wellington
  2. Need to buy a car to get around (public transport in Adelaide sucks).
  3. Aussies can be annoying.
  4. Scared people will pressure me to stay/will find it hard to quit again after a year or so.
  5. I’ll miss my friends in NZ.
  6. Might not ever return to NZ 😦
  7. Would sliiiightly delay moving to London (aim was June 2020).
  8. I might hate studying comms and never use the diploma.

Ultimately, what more will I learn staying in Wellington? If you’re some wise wizard who wants to impart some advice, please comment. Basically I want someone else to make decisions for me.

P.s this is the Royal Adelaide Hospital and those big windows are the library. Flash as.