About Me

Kia Ora Nau Mai Haere Mai

Hello & welcome to my own tiny corner of the place we spend too much time internet.

I’m Cheriyse, an Australian who packed up my possessions and moved across the ditch to New Zealand in November 2017.

My bio goes a little like this: I moved for a boy & to see more of this beautiful country. Three weeks after arriving I was single again and navigating a new city, job & friendships while dealing with my heartbreak. This is what travel in real life is.

It’s visiting Venice and realising the overwhelming number of tourists isn’t for you & going to the Italian Alps instead.

It’s saying ‘yes’ to a yogi teacher training course when you’ve never heard of an Asana.

It’s embracing the unknown and allowing what happens to simply be: the good, the bad, and the harrowing food poisoning.

To me, travel is all about meeting new people who challenge your ideas and perceptions, making you see life in a different way. No one remembers a monument- that’s why we take photographs. It’s the memories made with other people that we hold close to us.

I created this space to share stories of ordinary people I’ve met who have had a remarkable impact.

I hope that it challenges your views, too, and encourages you to travel & live in your own way.